She is fabulous!!

Hello!!! Have meant to text you but it’s been a busy time getting adjusted! LOL. She is fabulous!! So Cuddly! Great personality!! We crate trained. She was a bit crabby about that. LOL. But she is adjusting quickly! We just finished morning playtime with the labradoodle. It was so cute! I forgot my phone inside so didn’t get pictures or videos. But I will! We are in LOVE!!

October 9, 2019

Awesome check up!

Omg congratulations on the new litter. I’ll definitely pass the word. How many boys/girls? Once I get home I’ll try sending videos. We took them to vet yesterday. Awesome check up! They are doing amazing and blending in nicely!! Hope you have a wonderful new year!

December 28, 2019

I highly recommend the folks at All Star Puppies

“My family had been searching for a Poochon for several weeks and could not find any nearby. While searching online I found some in Ohio that were exactly what we were looking for. I had read some bad stories about puppies coming from Ohio and Pennsylvania and was very skeptical of the whole situation, especially since we live about 6.5 hours away from All Star Puppies. The owner assured me that their puppies were well cared for and thoroughly checked by their veterinarian, He even videoed the pup playing with him. I decided to make the drive and pick him up. And I am so glad I did! he is the most adorable outgoing little guy I could have ever imagined. He has been checked by our vet and is perfect! I highly recommend the folks at All Star Puppies. We are so thrilled with our purchase!”

March 11, 2020

We love him so much already!!

We love him so much already!! We named him Azul … Spanish for Blue.

March 25, 2020

I would definitely recommend them!

We got our GreatDane puppy from All Star Puppies. They was very informing on parents an each individual puppy that i asked about. Was able to answer all my questions in a timely an professional manner. I would definitely recommend them to anyone an also would purchase another puppy from them in the future.

May 4, 2020